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Ningbo Haileng Trading Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang, China
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Why Choose OurPet Care Company?

Wide variety of products

Our product will involve various needs and supplies related to pets, such as Collar and Leash;Pet Bed and Mats;Pet pads and blanket;Pet Sound Toys and Toys;Pet Bowls&Feeders;Pet Outings;Pet Cleaning&Bathing;Pet Tranining Products;Pet Grooming Products;Pet Funeral;In addition, we also have original high end products, all of which are branded OEM products or original designed products, etc.  
[We do not sell pet food. Because different countries have different testing standards for pet food, the actual production process is difficult to detect and regulate. Most food products do not have long-term good testing data support. We are all pet lovers and do not want to blindly sell products just for profit.]  

+Products can be customized

The products in our store are generally regular products. Due to the different minimum order quantities for each product, customers need to communicate with customer service before placing an order. After the quality inspection is completed and packaged, the product will be shipped as soon as possible. 
If you need to customize the logo and packaging, or assemble multiple types of products into a set, you can negotiate with customer service for delivery time and specific customization prices. There will be discounts if the quantity is large. 


+The price of the same quality products is more advantageous

In order to reduce financial or time losses caused by after-sales issues, we will not sell inferior products as good ones. We will select the best quality products of the same kind for sale, and will not only affect the reputation of the store for profit.

+High production efficiency

We support OEM and ODM services to jointly develop new products and inject differentiation and vitality into the brand. We look forward to sincere buyers who have a demand for our products. We use a serious and responsible sense of mission and product control to help buyers expand their business.